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Questions relating to the products sold on our site


What garments do you use?

Different designs may be printed on garments from various manufacturers. If the product description does not have the information you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to store support with your question and we'll do what we can to help!

There is an item I’d like to purchase, but it’s not for sale on the site. Is it possible you could find an extra one or have one made?

We generally only have what is for sale on the site. We put any sellable stock online and do not hold onto older items for storage or other purposes. If you are inquiring about an older vinyl title, it’s possible there could be a re-press one day, bu

Do you carry the same items sold on tour?

Generally, we only have what is for sale on the site so if you are looking for a new tour poster, for example, and you don't see it online, than we most likely do not have it. There are occasions where a new merch item will be sold both on tour and o

Do your vinyl records include coupons/cards for free digital downloads?

Generally, vinyl releases sold on our site do not include a coupon or code for a free digital version. If the record company has included free digital with a vinyl product, it will likely be mentioned in the product description.

What does this note in the vinyl product description mean? “Minor sound imperfections have been reported with this pressing. Applicable returns or exchanges are not possible.”

This note indicates that some users have reported slight imperfections with a certain vinyl pressing of an album. Issues may include, but are not limited to, surface noise, minor pops/crackle, a flat overall sound, etc. Some or all copies within that