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Questions relating to the products sold on our site

What garments do you use?

Different designs may be printed on garments from various manufacturers. The size guide also contains garment information. If the product description and size guide do not contain the information you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to

I want to buy an item, but it's not on the site. Is it possible for you to find an extra one or have one made?

We generally make all sellable stock available online and do not keep spare items. If you are inquiring about a sold-out vinyl title, it's possible that there may be a re-release one day, but we generally don't have advance notice before the artist a

Do you carry the same items that are currently sold on tour?

There is sometimes some overlap between the merchandise we have available in the online store and what is currently being sold by the group on tour. In general, everything we have in stock is displayed in the webstore, so if, for example, you're look

Do your vinyl records include coupons/cards for free digital downloads?

Generally, vinyl releases sold on our site do not include a coupon or code for a free digital version. If the record company has included free digital with a vinyl product, it will likely be mentioned in the product description.