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Information relating to how orders are processed


When will my order ship?

For standard, non-pre-sale orders, please note there is a processing time of 1-5 business days before shipment. If your order is last minute and needs to be rushed, please contact store support as soon as you order or in advance and we’ll inform you

May I have an update on my order? Has it shipped yet?

Please note there is generally a processing time of 1-5 business days before an order ships. If you are concerned that there has been a delay, please feel free to contact store support for an update.

My order contains a pre-order item and some other items that are in stock. Why haven't you shipped anything?

It is likely that all of your merchandise will ship around the same time. The entire pre-order is generally held back until the pre-sale items are available to ship. Please consult your order confirmation and the product descriptions on the store and

Will my pre-order get delivered on the release date?

That is generally the goal, but it is not always possible. Pre-orders are available for select products before they are physically received at our warehouses. The estimated ship date for these items will be displayed in the product description. This