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What does this note in the vinyl product description mean? “Minor sound imperfections have been reported with this pressing. Applicable returns or exchanges are not possible.”

This note indicates that some users have reported slight imperfections with a certain vinyl pressing of an album. Issues may include, but are not limited to, surface noise, minor pops/crackle, a flat overall sound, etc. Some or all copies within that pressing may be affected; it is not isolated to one or two copies. In a case like this where the vinyl is deemed to be sellable, the vinyl would be perfectly enjoyable to most fans even if their copy were affected, but we include the disclaimer for the small number of shoppers who may have more particular needs and may prefer to purchase an alternate pressing or medium to minimize the chances of any such issues being present when playing the record. Since there is nothing we can do to prevent the imperfection, no returns, exchanges or refunds are possible for reasons having to do with the sound quality of the pressing. If you reach out to our customer support team before purchase, we can possibly describe the particularity in more detail, but if you’d like more specific information about the root causes or the possibility of future pressings, we’d recommend you get in touch with the record label as we are not involved with vinyl production.

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